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Closed For Business
posted on May 8th at 3:44am

Current Mood: Little sad
Current Music: Common Rotation

God, this is so odd.

::examines the dland page::

It's so....weird. And different.

I'm such a livejournal ho now. Sheesh.

Okay, anyway, point of this entry. My supergold runs out in....uh...30 days or so. I'm moving all of the images to photobucket, or one of those. The only thing I've been using Dland for anymore is an image holder. Eh.

And for everyone who is on my rings, they are going to die in that time. My poor wittle Acid Bath diaryring. ::pet pet:: Hopefully someone will snatch you up and adopt you.

Note: I feign no surprise that the day I come back, I am slapped with no less than 4 Leslie Irene banners, and 3 Squirrelx banners.

I really. REALLY. do not miss this shit.

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