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Closed For Business
posted on May 8th at 3:44am

Current Mood: Little sad
Current Music: Common Rotation

This is the end, everyone. I am officially closing this diary up.

Outright paranoia has me locking it completely. Any entry you try to view will show you this message, until the day comes when I haven't updated for 3 months, and it's gone for good.

I am sad to lose all of the entries from the past two years, but maybe that's good. Looking back is a bad thing, right?

It was a wonderful ride while it lasted, and I am grateful and appreciative to everyone who stood beside me and offered words of wisdom and comfort, and laughter. I am grateful to everyone who has friended me, and who I have friended. Those who I grew especially close to through dland alone, you will be missed a good deal.

I update my livejournal regularly, however that, too, is under lock and key. The only entries visable to those not friended by me are the entries I make for ficathons. In order to read my livejournal, you must create your own livejournal (I swear, it is easier than it sounds, and you never have to update if you do not want to), add venus_blue to your friends list, and then leave me a comment letting me know who you are. I will friend you back, and as long as you are logged into livejournal, you will be able to view all of my entries. They are quite different from this diary, because I don't feel safe there like I did here.

But I don't feel safe here anymore, either. Which is why this diary is dead.

This thank you is sincere. I really do appreciate my time here with you guys. I truly do.

Love always,
Green Bunny Goddess